Sophisticated Nail Designs

Women like to change their manicure as often as possible and with so many designs out there, who wouldn’t? A sophisticated manicure involves patience, hard work and lots of creativity. In order to get some inspiration, have a look at the following sophisticated nail designs.

Choose three different colors

When going to have a manicure like that, you definitely need time and patience. It’s going to take a while because of its complexity. As you can see, in the picture presented above there is a beautiful combination of black with purple glitter and animal print pattern.


This is by far the most elegant and chic nail design. It is highly recommended on special occasions, in order to complete an elegant outfit. Depending on your taste, you can try this design using other colors as well. Those small and precious jewelry pieces make the manicure even more elegant. Having a nail design like that, will definitely make you feel wonderful.

Pearl look

In case you are looking for a classy pearl nail look, then this design is what you are looking for. It is sophisticated, precious and incredibly trendy. It is recommended only for special occasions, where you certainly won’t go unnoticed. This is definitely a sophisticated and gorgeous nail design.

Go for pink and white

Women know that pink is indeed a feminine color and it looks absolutely gorgeous on nails. The highlight of pink flowers on the white nails make the whole design stand out. This manicure design looks nice only on short nails.

Newspaper design

The newspaper pressed on the nails might look a bit weird but it is definitely an interesting nail design. It looks attractive, especially if a white nail polish has been used as the base. You can also have your nails done with this design, using other colors as well for the base.

Shiny manicure

In case you are a person who likes shiny colors, then certainly choose this nail design. The shiny silver combined with a transparent nail polish is the perfect choice in case you plan to go to a party or have a night out with girls. It is without a doubt a sophisticated nail design.

Gorgeous look

If you consider yourself an extravagant woman, then you should certainly choose this nail design, in order to complete your personal style and to stand out. You must definitely have a strong personality to have your nails done like that. It is absolutely fantastic!