Practical Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be nice or practically decorated. On the other hand, having a big one means that the options are endless. However, in case you decide to make changes in your bathroom or just make it more practical, check out the following practical bathroom decorating ideas.

Oval bathroom with space saving storage shelves

Nowadays, you can find on the market oval bathtubs with space saving storage shelves, which are absolutely great for large and small bathrooms decorated in an ecological style. The organic materials and the elegant simplicity creates a gorgeous bathtub that makes a statement. The oval bathtub design offers a convenient storage that can enhance space saving ideas and visually increase your bathroom design. Its elegant beauty, the soft curves, and the classy neutral color, make this bathtub with storage shelves, suitable for any bathroom design.

Bathroom dehumidifier

Bathrooms are the most moisture prone areas in your home. They are excessively wet all the time due to constant washing and bathing. In order to protect your bathroom, you need a mini, practical and compact dehumidifier which fits nicely in there. Choose a dehumidifier with exclusive features like good electronic power and planned moisture setting with drainage options. It must have a removable air filter with a capacity to remove up to 30 pints of moisture per day.


Baskets are the ideal storage solution, not only for bathrooms but for other rooms as well. The beautiful and chic containers store toiletries, and they do it quite in style. There is a range of wicker baskets in different shades and sizes, to hide the toilet paper rolls and the cosmetics.


The main problem we all have when it comes about keeping clutter in control is the storage space. Add a shallow metal rack without overwhelming a narrow space. Stack the shelves with soaps, linens and body scrubs.

Effective tips for a practical bathroom

Apply simple and effective home storage tips to your bathroom decorating ideas, and increase your bathroom space visually. Opt for space saving furniture, modern bathroom fixtures, and design ideas in order to create a functional and comfortable bathroom design. A good idea would be to design horizontal tile patterns to make your small bathroom look wider. Vertical and horizontal lines will balance the proportions and create the impression of a larger space.