Most Efficient Garage Door Openers Under $200

In the modern world that we live in, garage door openers are more of a necessity than a luxury. If you are considering buying such a device, it’s clear that you don’t want to buy it for the simple fact that it will help you open and close the garage door without getting out of your car. You want ti because it helps increase the security of your garage as well. In case you want to buy a garage door opener but you don’t want to spend too much money on this acquisition, you should read some garage door opener reviews and ratings. We already did out research and we narrowed down our choices to 3 units. Read the following lines to find out what are your best options under $200.

Genie QuietLift 800

For the price of $150, you can purchase and install the Genie QuietLift 800 garage door opener. It’s a 1/2 HP model that can lift a door that weighs up to 350 pounds. When you purchase this model, you receive 2 remote controls and a control panel as well. The remote controls allow you to open and close the garage door without having to get out of your car, and the control panel allows you to lock the door from being used by the remotes and to turn on the lights. The fact that the control panel enables you to block access with the remote controls is helpful when you’re going on a vacation or when you lose a remote control. In addition, this affordable option comes with a 10-year warranty for the motor and a 1-year warranty for the other parts.

Chamberlain Ultra Quiet

The Chamberlain Ultra Quiet garage door opener can be yours for the price of $170. It’s equipped with a 1/2 HP motor that it capable of lifting garage doors that weigh up to 300 pounds. The best feature of this garage door opener is the timer-to-close function. It allows you to set the garage door opener to automatically close the door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes. It includes safety features that ensure the door will stop from closing in case the infrared sensors detect an object in the path, and it reverses if it senses pressure while closing. Also, the Chamberlain Ultra Quiet model is compatible with the MyQ home automation system. This enables you to check on the garage door when you’re not at home, allowing you to close it in case you forgot it open. In addition, it sends you notifications via your smartphone in case anything happens, like if someone tries to force the door to open it.

Craftsman 1/2 HP Belt Drive 54915

For the price of $170, you can ensure the protection of your garage with the Craftsman 1/2 HP Belt Drive 54915 garage door opener. One of the biggest advantages of using this model is that it comes with the Motor Vibration Isolation feature that ensures the unit is extremely quiet while operating. It uses a 1/2 HP motor that enables it to lift a garage door that weighs as much as 300 pounds. It offers two 100W bulbs that turn on automatically when the garage door opens or closes to make it easier for you to see when the night comes. When you purchase this garage door opener, you receive 2 remote controls and a control panel. Also, the unit offers safety features that make it a tempting choice to go with. For example, this garage door opener includes an infrared beam at the base of the door that stops the door from closing in case there’s an object in the beam’s path. Also, the door automatically reverses in case it encounters any object as it closes.