How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

If you want to make sure you use clean and safe water at home, you need to install a whole house water filter to enjoy filtered water for any purpose. Unlike the other types of water filters that you need to install on every water source, this type of filter is installed on the main water pipe, thus it handles all the water that runs through your house. However, the installation of a whole house water filter is slightly different and it could be more difficult if you are not accustomed to plumbing and piping, therefore you will find this article on whole house water filter installation very useful.

Get the right tools for the job

The whole house water filter is a large unit that fits between two ends of the water pipe and to install it you will need several tools that will ease your job. The whole house water filter will come with its fittings, tubes, screws and other small items necessary during the installation process. Make sure you have within your reach a power drill, drill bits, two adjustable wrenches, a tubing cutter and a bucket. Once you have them, you can start installing the whole house water filter.

Turn off the water and install a new shutoff valve

The first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply and empty the water that remains on the pipes, this is why you will need the bucket. Once no water is running through the pipe, you can cut into the water pipe near the shut off valve, making sure that you cut a pipe portion large enough to accommodate the filter, the new shut off valve in the kit, and other connecting fittings. Then, install the new shut off valve on the house side of the supply pipe.

Install the whole house water filter

The next step is to dry-fit the fittings of the filter so that it will remain secure into place. You may need several adapters on either side of the filter if it doesn’t match the length and size of the pipe. Mark the final cutting by holding the pipe against one end of the shutoff valve and finish the connections by sliding on nuts and the compression rings in place. Firmly tighten the nuts into place and turn the water back on to see if there are any leaks. Now that you have the water filter connected to the water pipe, the water coming from one end will travel through the water filter and will come out clean and free of contaminants at the other end.