Fall 2015 Hair Color Ideas

Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, the fall is the perfect opportunity to change your look by dyeing your hair a different color. To help you decide what changes to make and which hair color is more suitable for your complexion, we’ve gathered a guide to help you along the way. Discover the major hair color trends for this fall 2015 and make a change today.


If you haven’t already heard of “bronde” there’s a lot of things you’re missing out. Celebs are totally going crazy over this hair color. If you need proof, just take a look at Chrissy Teigen and Lily James. Bronde is basically a combination of brown and blonde hair, a softer shade than brown but closer to blonde. If you already have natural light brown hair, use a highlighting kit to add the perfect blonde highlights.

Champagne-y red

Red hair color is undoubtedly one of the major trends for this fall. We like the champagne-y red color as featured on many celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman, Isla Fisher and Christina Hendricks. If you are not looking to make a bold change, such as dyeing your hair a vibrant red, go for a champagne-y red shade instead. You can easily make the transition from blonde hair to this shade by using a “copper” at-home box kit.

Honey blonde

If your skin is medium toned, this honey blonde hair color will complement your facial features in the best way possible. This hair color looks amazing on curly or wavy hair but if you have natural straight hair, you can always use a styling tool to make beautiful bouncy curls or cascading waves. Dark shades are no longer in for this fall and black hair is totally out of the question. Instead, opt for warmer shades of blonde and find out if blondes really do have more fun.

Medium chocolate brown

While blonde is the star of this season, most celebs tend to opt for a chocolate brown instead. Let’s face it, brown is more forgiving than blonde because it can go well on all skin hues. That doesn’t mean you have to go for a dark brown to black hair color. Instead, try to achieve that natural-looking brown, similar to a medium chocolate brown that goes well on any brunette.

Brunette with golden highlights

If you are a natural brunette and you don’t want to make drastic changes, this hair color will bring out the best in your complexion. The golden highlights will give it a fresh twist on rich, chocolate brown and it will make you stand out and shine.