Expert Tips for Buying a Quality Lawn Mower

Your lawn will require constant mowing and hiring a person for the job would be a useless expense, considering you could do it yourself with a quality lawn mower. Throughout the year, the grass will have to be mowed at various heights and speeds, and a good lawn mower will allow you to take proper care of your lawn, so here is what you should know when you are trying to buy a quality mower.

A push mower or a riding mower?

The first thing you have to do is decide the size of the lawn mower you want to purchase, depending on the size of the yard to want to mow. Push mowers are small-size units that can be easily pushed from behind and driven along the area, being perfect for small to medium-size yards that require easy maintenance. You can choose a push mower if you want to mow a front porch, or if you have a backyard covered in grass. For larger areas, you will need a riding mower, which is a larger machine that can handle wide areas and heavy-duty mowing.

Features and options

Once you have determined the size of the mower you need, you will have to decide which are the options and features that will allow you to cut the grass easy and fast and here are some of the most important ones.

  • The voltage of cordless mowers and the amperage of corded mowers show how powerful the machines are, meaning the higher the number the more powerful the lawn mower will be and the faster and better it will cut the grass.
  • If you have a cordless lawn mower, a dual-battery system will allow the unit to operate longer, so make sure you check the unit for this option.
  • The engine torque of the lawn mower is measured in foot-pounds and it represents the force that keeps the blades spinning. Units with higher torque will assure a more even cut in tall and thick grass, so if you plan to use the mower on tall grass you should consider this option. Another important aspect is the engine displacement, which is the size of the cylinder in mowers with gasoline engines. The displacement is measured in cubic centimeters and the higher the number, the more powerful the engine and the sharper the cutting. These are aspects of both push and riding mowers.
  • The engine horsepower is the power output that the engine uses to power the blades or the transmission, This is a particularity of riding mowers.
  • The cut width represents how wide a portion of grass you can mow in a single pass, meaning how many times you will have to pass over the area to complete it. The wider the cut width, the faster you will finish mowing.
  • The turning radius of riding mowers indicates how easily you will maneuver and rotate the mower while operating it.