Cool Humidifiers with Creative Designs

Cool mist humidifiers can cool down the overall temperature of a room and instead of heating up the water inside, the water is passed over a wick and vapor is expelled. If you have children, these might be the best option since the vapor won’t burn the skin when touched. Here are some examples of cool humidifiers with creative design.

Secac humidifier

This humidifier will turn the water into steam and push it out into the air. With this creative design, the Secac humidifier is now a piece that can be beautifully incorporated into your decor while providing Eco-friendly breathing solutions. It is indeed one of the coolest humidifiers with a creative design.

Casamista portable humidifier

This portable humidifier with its purifying filter is absolutely amazing. This humidifier can be powered by a USB cable connected to your laptop. It delivers the power of a traditional humidifier, but it is a smaller, portable and less expensive package. Made to fit most water bottles with a screw on top, you shouldn’t have an issue locating a necessary reservoir for water.

Fred humidifier

This humidifier with its round shape stands on the three legs and the steam comes out through the tube on the top. It offers a unique combination of function and style to combat dry indoor air. With its modern contemporary Swiss design, it will look great anywhere in your room. It produces clean, pure hot steam that is free of bacteria, minerals, and other impurities. It has two power settings, auto shut-off when empty with refill indicator and a ball used for reducing limescale and mineral deposits. It definitely delivers pure clean warm mist in a sleek stylish design.

Non-electric humidifier

You can find on the market, natural, energy efficient humidifiers that look like a work of art. These humidifiers will restore the moisture to a room, using the simple process of evaporation. And, remember, no batteries, wires or electricity required. After you have filled the bowl with water, the humidifiers will start to absorb the moisture and release it back in the form of vapors using the Eco-friendly action.

Humidifier by Shin Okada

This gorgeous passive humidifier made of Japanese cypress, and designed by Shin Okada, requires no electricity to work. This small humidifier absorbs water from the hull and diffuses into the room, and all that without electricity, of course. It is without any doubt a wonderful choice.