5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress or a new bed is as important as shopping for an electronic device or an appliance, maybe even more important. After all, it’s your health at stake here. The right mattress can definitely improve your state of being healthy, comfortable and relaxed. Besides, it can relieve of all those troublesome back pains that stop you from having a good night’s rest. Before shopping for a new mattress, keep in mind these 5 essential things.


There are many styles of mattresses to choose from, so when it comes to deciding which one suits you best, take some time to research about the different materials used in the fabrication of mattresses. Although the most popular one is the memory foam mattress, which is made from foam, the best one is said to be the latex mattress which is made of 100% natural latex.


Before you go to your local store to buy a new mattress, take some precise measurement to find out the length, width and depth of your bed to ensure that your new mattress will be a perfect fit. You can rest assured knowing that you will find a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. You’ll just need to remember to always check twice and why not, try it first on your bed to see if it fits perfectly.

Regular mattress or eco-friendly?

If you are looking for ways to protect the environment and assure that you are not surrounded by harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, start with small steps. Replace your traditional mattress with an eco-friendlier version, one that is made of organic materials, such as sheep or latex, made from the sap of rubber trees. There are even organic mattresses infused with castor oil, green tea or aloe vera.

Stiff of soft mattresses

Another major thing that you should consider when purchasing a new mattress for your bedroom, is to check if it’s comfortable enough. However, you must make sure that your new mattress will not be too soft, otherwise your spine will not be aligned properly and you will suffer from various back pains. On the other hand, a too hard mattress is not too comfortable. The best solution is to look for one that is somewhere in between.


Shopping for a mattress when you are living on a tight budget is not that easy. For example, most organic mattresses are very expensive, some can cost even $1,500 or more. Memory foam mattresses are also generally very expensive. The most affordable solution would be to opt for a latex mattress or a spring mattress.