2015 Haircut Trends

We all tend to change our look from time to time and we definitely want to make the right choice regarding the new haircut we are going to choose. From slicked side parts to textured low buns, check out the most popular haircut trends of 2015 in order to ensure you have the most stylish look ever.

Long and Layered

This style dates all the way back to 2009, but nowadays it looks absolutely the same as it did then. In case you are looking for a longer style, or want your hair to grow, this layered look is a good way to get through that in-between phase.

Long and Lean

This is a simple haircut that is included in the medium-length spectrum, but it is absolutely gorgeous. If the simplicity of this cut isn’t working on your face, spice it up a bit with some sweet side bangs.

Short and Sweet

This textured, side-swept pixie look requires low maintenance and it looks absolutely chic. It is also perfect for women with a round face and it is indeed a timeless classic. With this haircut you will definitely look sophisticated and glamorous.

Blunt Bob

Blunt, uniform with no layers and totally chic, a blunt bob haircut is without any doubt, a beautiful one. We all know that in the winter we need a comfortable and easy to arrange haircut, and the best choice would be a one-length bob. If your hair is wavy and fine, then this haircut is just perfect for you.

Choppy bob

A choppy bob with a deep side part is ideal for slightly wavy or short hair. This bob haircut must end above the chin with an exception, in case you have a square face, then it must end below the chin. One thing is sure, you certainly won’t go unnoticed and you will fall in love instantly with this new look.

Shaggy waves

This adorable shaggy hairstyle has plenty of flips and dimension, making it a style with lots of personality and femininity. With this haircut and a bright blonde hair, you definitely can’t go wrong and everyone around you will notice what a big change you’ve made.

Flirty hair

Some women do not fancy flirty hair with lots of flips. If you are one of them, then this haircut is not for you. This is a totally rockin’ hairstyle. The medium length with a ton of layers and adorable side bangs and dark shade of brown is what turns your hair from cute to sexy instantly.